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When we moved to our new ranch in 2021, we soon found that the bulk of our acreage had been logged for timber many years ago, the property was overgrown.  Our plan to turn our 26 acres into pastures for our longhorns seemed daunting considering our property is on a ridge and very steep.  We tried for many months trying to find the right solution. First, we struggled to to find anyone who would come out.  We brought in skid steers, bulldozers, and even forestry mulchers to prep the land.  They were all  VERY expensive and also damaged the land,  and in many cases, it was more steep than they could manage. 

We invested in a Ventrac 4500Z compact tractor designed for extreme slopes to not only reclaim our overgrown land, but also do no harm to our property.  The Ventrac with its unique design and capabilities enabled us to successfully reclaim over 15 acres for grazing for our longhorns. We can now enjoy our beautiful property and leverage it!

If you want to reclaim overgrown land, whether steep or not, give us a call.

Land Clearing/Slope Mowing

Trying to mow or clear land on hills is a perilous and difficult chore. As our ranch sits in the Cumberland mountains, we needed to find a way to manage this very steep land. Leveraging our Ventrac mower, we are able to manage clear heavy brush and mow on slopes up to 32 degree inclines.

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