Texas Longhorn Interactive Experience

Just as the Texas Longhorn is experiencing a reurgence in the world, it is also building in Georgia.  Join us for a 45-minute interactive experience at Aussie Acres Ranch.

The tour beging with Longhorn 101, where you will learn about the history of the Texas Longhorns.  We will teach guests how to safely interact with our herd.  We will then provide treats so you can feed them.  They are very tame and some will take the treats right from your hand.  Watch out, as some will even stick out their tongues as they try to get to the treats!  During this time, we will share more inofrmation on all of the animals on the ranch.

Limit of 6 per group.  

$15 per person for adults
$ 8 per child ages 3-18
Free for children 2 and under

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