Welcome to Aussie Acres Ranch

Situated in beautiful south Georgia, this 45 acre mini ranch is the home to  a small and well bred Registered Texas Longhorn. Just a short time ago, Barry and Susan Baskin purchased their first breeding stock based on their passion for the majestic Texas Longhorn, an icon of Texas and Southwest culture. As lovers of American history, they decided to invest in a breed that epitomizes the American West and has a history even longer than our country. When you think of cowboys and the wild west, you think of the Texas Longhorn.

Barry, a native Texan, remembered longhorns from his youth and for Susan, this was a new experience. Since that time their herd continues to grow. With our herd sire AA Phantom Sniper we will be selling heifers and bull calves in our Sale Pen to others looking to add longhorns to their pastures.  

In addition to the Longhorns the Baskin raise beef cattle and provide sanctuary to 3 orphan goats, a Quarter Horse called JW and our little mini-mule Brownie.

Aussie Acres Ranch welcomes visitors and has two onsite Air BNB apartments where guests can option for a Texas Longhorn Interactive Experience or a demonstration of our herding dog. And no visit to Aussie Acres would be complete without meeting Piper and Bandit, our sweet Australian Shepherds. We hope to see you and your family or friends soon to our little piece of heaven!

Starting in 2023, we expanded Aussie Acres Ranch to Aussie Acres Cattle Herding with services to help cattle owners in our area of Georgia.   

Longhorn History

For some background on our passion, the Texas Longhorn became the foundation of the American cattle industry by claiming first rights in the untamed, newly discovered Americas more than 500 years ago. In 1690, the first herd of cattle was driven north from Mexico to land that would eventually become Texas.

By the Civil War, millions of Longhorns ranged between the mesquite-dotted sandy banks of the Rio Bravo to the sand beds of the Sabine.  Less than 40 years later, the Longhorn was closer to extinction than the bison.

In 1927, the Federal government stepped in to help preserve the Texas Longhorn and a great part of our American heritage. Congress assigned two forest service rangers to the task to put the first herd together for Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Gradually, more breeders started raising private stock, recognizing the value of Texas Longhorns.