Meet and Greet Experience

At Aussie Acres Ranch, you can bring the family for a chance to interact and feed the variety of animals on our ranch.   Each of the animals has different dietary needs, but they also all graze on the property.   We will begin by introducing you to our longhorns, and teaching you a bit about their history and what makes them special.  As you get to feed them some treats, you will find some of these gentle giants will take the treats right from your hand!  Watch out, some will even use their long tongues to get the treats :)  We also have some other cattle on the ranch, just as friendly.

Next we will introduce you to J.W., our quarterhorse and his companion Brownie, a mini mule who is like a little sister to him.  They love treats and also enjoy being groomed and being petted.  Finally, we have 3 goats, Doug, Ellen, and Lola!  They roam around the 40 acres, enjoying whatever they find to munch on.   If they are around we will meet them and give them some treats.     

Limit of 6 per group due to the fact that these are snacks and we need to make sure the animals maintain regular diets. 

Bookings are weather permitting, limit one per day.  Proper footwear is recommended for entering pastures :)

$ 10 per person
$ 40 for families/groups up to 6 

Contact us for special programs for church/school groups

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